Self-evaluation report

In the first half of 2014 the self-evaluation report was drafted, in which the quality assurance system of the University of Vienna was constituted and the fulfilment of the agency’s quality standards, which again cover the legal scopes of the University Quality Assurance Act, are proved. In the meeting of the project group audit each chapter of the report was discussed at least twice.

In June 2014, a preliminary version of the self-evaluation report was presented by the rector to a Dean’s conference, a senate session and a directorates of studies-conference, as well as by a member of the rectorate to a coordination meeting of the service sector. Feedback from the groups above were received until mid of July 2014. The self-evaluation report was adopted by the rectorate and conveyed to the agency on 16 October 2014.

For developing the self-evaluation report, an inquiry of the directorates of studies concerning core processes in course planning and organisation as well as course evaluation took place. The inquiry’s results were presented and discussed within two directorates of studies-conferences. Further inquiries which are reflected in the report, concerned teachers (for the purpose of the evaluation of courses) and persons being involved to the curriculum development process.

Combined with a roundup of relevant university documents (such as parts of the statute, manuals, compendia etc.) and abstracts from the Universities Act, the representation of the following core processes of the quality assurance system developed in 2013 by the project group audit, forms the annex to the self-evaluation report of the University of Vienna.

Project group Audit

From March 2013 to July 2014 the project group Audit established by the rector met monthly. The project group coordinated the tasks in the course of the audit preparation and constituted an interface between the faculties, centres and service units. The project group was led by rector Engl, his substitute was vice rector Schwaha. The overall coordination was made by the Unit for Quality Assurance. Members of the project group (titles state of September 2014):


  • Rektor Heinz Engl
  • Vizerektor Karl Schwaha

Office of the rectorate

  • Claudia Kögler, Büroleitung

Deans / Vice deans

  • Oliver Fabel, Dekan der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • Ulrike Felt, Vizedekanin der Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften
  • Matthias Meyer, Dekan der Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät
  • Andreas Richter, Vizedekan der Fakultät für Lebenswissenschaften
  • Thilo Hofmann, Dekan der Fakultät für Geowissenschaften, Geographie und Astronomie

Senate / Curricular committee

  • Stefan-Michael Newerkla, Vorsitzender der Curricularkommission des Senats der Universität Wien

Directors of the Studies Programme, Directors of the Doctoral Degree Programmes

  • Robin Golser, Studienprogrammleiter des Doktoratsstudiums Naturwissenschaften und technische Wissenschaften
  • Barbara Hamilton, Studienprogrammleiterin Molekulare Biologie
  • Bettina Perthold, Vizedekanin der Rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät und Studienprogrammleiterin
  • Stefan Zahlmann, Studienprogrammleiter Geschichte

Students / Student representatives (ÖH)

  • Oliver Leingang (Vertretung: Simon Huber)
  • Jasmin Rückert (Vertretung: Angela Libal)
  • Daniela Schuh (Vertretung: Magdalena Fellinger)

Service units

  • Alexander Hammer, Leiter DLE Finanzwesen und Controlling
  • Irene Rottensteiner, Leiterin DLE Personalwesen und Frauenförderung

Unit for Quality Assurance

  • Michael Hofer, Leiter
  • Jürgen Roth


Dr. Michael Hofer

T: +43-1-4277-18010