Questionnaire for Lecturers

Between winter term 2013/14 and winter term 2014/15, the instrument for course evaluations with students was extended by a questionnaire for lecturers. The aim was, to give the lecturers the possibility of giving feedback about the academic education to the Directors of the Studies Programme in a standardised form. These feedbacks shall build a basis for improvements in academic teaching.

The questionnaire for lecturers was determined between Quality Assurance, Rectorate and Works Council and is filled in by the lecturers for any course voluntarily. The questionnaire contains question concerning the course-organisation, the students and determining factors (e. g. room situation, lightning).

The results were transmitted to the Directors of the Studies Programme both, individual and in a summarised presentation together with the results of the students' survey. The Rectorate received a summary per Director of the Studies Programme. In addition to that, special reports (e.g. concerning the room situation) were created to achieve specifically targeted improvements.

Considering the whole University, the results of the lecturers' survey are particularly positive. A concluding analysis of the questionnaire for lecturers is available as download.

Further information: Unit for Quality Assurance; Universitätsstr. 5/3rd floor; 1010 Wien;;


HR Mag. Dr. Lukas Mitterauer

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