Results of the Survey of Course Lecturers on the Evaluation of Courses

As part of the preparations for the auditing of the University of Vienna, a survey was carried out among course lecturers on course evaluations:

  • The survey had an extraordinarily high response rate (54 %), which allows conclusions on the significance of course evaluations.
  • 78 % of course lecturers regard course evaluations as a useful feedback tool.
  • 92 % of lecturers consider the assessments of students to be fair and reasonable.
  • 57 % of those surveyed consider open and closed questions to be equally informative, while 35 % prefer open questions, and 7 % tend to favour closed questions.
  • 62 % of course lecturers integrate the results of course evaluations into the planning and conception of their courses.

The detailed results can be viewed in the report (in German).


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