Evaluation of the Individual Performance of Professors in Accordance with their Employment Contract

Most of the employment contracts for professors appointed in accordance with the 2002 Universities Act include an evaluation after a number of years (in the fifth year of employment as a rule). 

The evaluation covers the entirety of the professor's activities in research, the acquisition of funding, teaching, the promotion of young researchers and research management during the period between his/her appointment and the time of evaluation. Moreover, future plans and strategies are also included in the evaluation. The evaluation is carried out by international experts on the basis of a report drawn up by one of the candidates, whereby they also have the opportunity to issue an official response to the expert report.

Dr. Tröstl (gabriela.troestl@univie.ac.at) from the Professors' Appointment Consulting Service oversees the implementation of the evaluation process. The Unit for Quality Assurance provides support for conceptual questions and in the selection of peer reviewers.


Mag. Dr. Michael Hofer

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