The certification of June 2015 was awarded on the following condition:

“The University of Vienna establishes a process which allows to identify the examination types using the quality assurance system."

A working group, led by the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, was set up to ensure that the University fulfils this condition (parties involved: Studienpräses, vice-deans, directorates of studies, students, Center for Teaching and Learning, Unit for Quality Assurance).

The working group discussed the condition and the additional recommendations specified in the audit report, and developed a series of measures. The Rectorate discussed and accepted the working group’s proposals. As of the winter semester of 2017/18, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Feedback policy of the University of Vienna The feedback policy includes principles of feedback and defines expectations of teaching staff and students. In addition, it provides examples of valuable feedback. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers assistance for teaching staff (
  • Surveys on examinations: As of the winter semester of 2017/18, course evaluations will include questions about examinations. The working group developed specific types of pilot surveys that were already tested in different degree programmes. They are either designed as specific surveys on examinations (these surveys will be conducted after the examinations period), or as part of the usual programme surveys. The relevant directorates of studies and the Unit for Quality Assurance jointly carry out these surveys.
  • Preparation of data on examinations: Data on examinations were compiled to provide the directorates of studies with basic information about examinations at the University. This information forms the basis for discussions of the studies conference and dean’s offices and can be a starting point for measures. As of the summer semester of 2018, the directorates of studies will be able to access these data via the management information system (MIS).

The University of Vienna presented the above-mentioned measures to the aaq agency. On this basis, the Accreditation Council confirmed on 16 June 2017 that the University of Vienna has fulfilled the condition specified in the audit report. The re-audit of the University of Vienna’s quality assurance system, which has to be carried out by June 2022, will assess whether the implemented measures have proven to be effective.


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