Quality Audit 2015

The quality assurance system of the University of Vienna was certified for seven years in 2015.

The Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education of 2011 (Hochschul-Qualitätssicherungsgesetz, HS-QSG) requires all Austrian universities to have their quality assurance systems evaluated and certified by an external agency. The University of Vienna conducted the audit with the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (aaq).

In the course of the auditing procedure, the University compiled a comprehensive self-evaluation report and was assessed by a group of five external assessors. In June 2015, the Swiss Accreditation Council certified the University of Vienna’s quality assurance system, subject to the condition that the University adds a process pertaining to examinations to its quality assurance system.

A working group was set up to ensure that the University fulfils this condition. The working group was led by the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs and involved the Studienpräses, vice-deans, directorates of studies, students and administration (Center for Teaching and Learning, Unit for Quality Assurance). It discussed the results of the audit and developed a series of measures to fulfil the above-mentioned condition. These measures were presented to the Rectorate for consideration and adoption.

The University submitted a timely report on the planned measures to the audit agency by the deadline in May 2017. In June 2017, the Accreditation Council confirmed that the University has fulfilled the condition. A re-audit has to be conducted by June 2022.

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