Administrative Procedures for the Reimbursement of Expenses for SABs

The University of Vienna will reimburse all of their expenses upon receipt of a reimbursement application, which is to be submitted to the Unit for Quality Assurance.


1. Reimbursement of expenses for SAB members

The Unit for Quality Assurance is responsible for reimbursing the expenses of SAB members.

The reimbursement of expenses is exclusively reserved for travel expenses, allowances and the cost of accommodation and meals (moderately-priced restaurants) for SAB members during their stay (for meeting days). For this reason, expenses for office materials, copying costs and other representative costs cannot be reimbursed. Expenses for persons accompanying SAB members will not be assumed.

The reimbursement form is to be filled out and submitted together with the original receipts via the faculty to the Unit for Quality Assurance. (The fee invoice is integrated in the travel expense bill – please inform your SAB members that they are entitled to € 250 per meeting day or pre-fill the form correctly.)

 Reimbursement forms for SAB members

2. Reimbursement of faculty expenses

  • Costs incurred by the faculty for meals consumed during a visit of the SAB are reimbursed by the Unit for Quality Assurance. The reimbursement form with the original receipts or an internal invoice application with copies of already paid bills is to be submitted to the Unit for Quality Assurance.
  • We would like to point out that the cost of meals (moderately-priced restaurants) incurred by the faculty can only be reimbursed if they are specifically and directly related to the SAB activities. Only the costs for the board members and an appropriate number of faculty representatives can be reimbursed.


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