Terms of Reference Scientific Advisory Board of a Faculty/Center at the University of Vienna

  1. Each Faculty/Center should be advised by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) regularly and in general terms on the scientific profile and organizational development of the Faculty/Center and its subunits as well as in the preparation of its development plan. This task of the SAB is separate from any periodic evaluations (“informed peer review”) undertaken by the University. The SAB will not undertake any formal evaluations.
  2. The SAB consists of 3-5 members, proposed by the Faculty/Center on the basis of their scientific, administrative and leadership experience in fields covering those of the Faculty/Center and appointed by the Rectorate for terms of four years, renewable once.
  3. The SAB selects a Chairperson among its members. The Dean in coordination with the Chairperson sets the dates and draft agendas of the SAB meetings. The Chairperson chairs the SAB meetings and is supported by the Dean’s office in issuing any resulting SAB reports or recommendations in a timely manner.
  4. The SAB shall meet physically at least once every year. Additional meetings in person or by correspondence may be held, if required, to support the Faculty/Center on the preparation of development plans and other documents of importance for strategic planning. Meetings with members of the Rectorate are welcome.
  5. In conjunction with its formal meetings, the SAB is encouraged to face-to-face encounters with the subunits of the Faculty/Center and their (junior and senior) staff and students to discuss and remain informed of current developments and concerns.
  6. As part of its vision for the future of the Faculty/Center, the SAB may advise on desirable improvements in the composition of the scientific staff, including the scientific directions to be driven by future openings for Full Professors and Tenure Track positions. SAB members with appropriate backgrounds may be asked to participate in Search Committees for candidates for such positions.
  7. The SAB will report its findings and recommendations to the Dean; parts of the report may be forwarded to the Rector. Normally, SAB reports will be disseminated within the faculty and may be discussed within faculty conferences. If needed, the SAB may make confidential comments on specific issues to the Dean.
  8. At least a month before its next meeting, the SAB shall receive a succinct report from the Faculty/Center on actions taken in response to its previous recommendations.

The Rector