Evaluation of the Faculty of Physics


The evaluation of the Faculty of Physics has been completed. International reviewers assess scientists and their research as excellent.

The Faculty of Physics carried out a self-evaluation, followed by an evaluation of the research performance and focus topics by international peers. Due to the corona pandemic, the usual on-site visit had to be replaced by online discussions.

The four-person evaluation group chaired by Professor Cornelia Denz (University of Muenster) summarized their assessment as follows: The Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna builds its excellence on a strong historic tradition of excellent science and world-leading faculty members. With an internationally highly renowned research profile that includes various branches of quantum physics, condensed matter and material physics, particles physics, gravitational and mathematical physics as well as environmental physics, it also today includes outstanding world-leading scientists in all four fields of excellence, witnessed by numerous ERC Grants, prestigious extramural grants and awards, but also by the Erwin Schrödinger Centre as well as three Christian Doppler Industry-related research laboratories.

In terms of research outcomes, the number of publications is very good, but more importantly its quality is to a wide extent extraordinary. Many Nature and Science publications, but also publications in international high impact journals witness a strong international visibility. Such success positions the members of the Faculty of Physics among the world leaders, which also illuminates the Faculty in a bright light.”

The report contains a number of recommendations for further improvements, including in the areas of international visibility as well as study and teaching. The evaluation results were discussed and measures included in the implementation agreement between the rectorate and the faculty. The implementation monitoring is part of the target agreement process.

Peer reports and statements from the faculty are available to university members at www.qs.univie.ac.at/en/evaluation/faculties-centres/evaluation-reports/.

Evaluation of the Faculty of Physics
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