Professorial Appointment Procedure UG §98

For every appointment procedure in accordance with section 98 of the Universities Act, two quality statements are written by the Unit for Quality Assurance and forwarded to the Vice-Rector responsible for research (Phase I), resp. the Rector (Phase II).

The following documents and materials have to be provided by the appointment committees:

Phase I: procedural documents and statement on the invitation list for hearings

On the basis of the expert opinions, the appointment committee draws up a proposal for the candidates that should be invited to the hearings and forwards it to together with the following documents:

  • advertisement texts in all languages used
  • details of the active search for candidates
  • letter of the Senate to install the committee and appoint the experts
  • usually letter by the Rector to appoint an additional expert
  • complete list of applicants (with details of the institution where they are currently working)
  • application documents for the candidates proposed for a hearing
  • letters to the experts
  • expert opinions
  • minutes of the committee meetings
  • proposal for an invitation list of the candidates
  • informationsheet commission (applicants and time schedule)

The Unit for Quality Assurance examines the preselected candidates (groups 1-3) and draws up a statement on the invitation list. The results are sent to the cognisant member of the Rectorate. This person amends the invitation list where necessary and confirms it to the appointment committee.

Phase II: procedural documents and statement on the recommendation

After the conclusion of the hearings and the drawing up of a recommendation by the appointment committee (usually the proposal of three candidates), the following documents should be forwarded by email to

  • list of dates for the hearings
  • minutes of further meetings of the appointment committee
  • final report from the appointment committee
  • statement from the dean/head of the centre on the procedure and the recommendation
  • application documents of the recommended candidates.

The Unit for Quality Assurance compiles a substantive statement on the recommendation (comparative analysis of the recommended candidates; possibly recommending additional opinions to the Rector) and forwards this to the Rector together with the result of the legal audit through a legal expert from Human Resources. The Rector has the task of confirming the recommendation, calling for a change or rejecting it.

Detailed information on the stages of the University of Vienna’s appointment procedure, on its structure and execution can be viewed at Verfahrensablauf bei Berufungen gemäß §98 UG





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