Internal Cooperations

Rectorate: The Unit for Quality Assurance prepares the evaluation results for the discussion in the Rectorate and also takes part in the talks on their implementation between the Rectorate and the organisational units until the written implementation agreement has been concluded.

Senate: Curricular working groups receive the results of the quality assurance process for the degree programmes along with the work assignment.

Faculties and centres: The Unit for Quality Assurance supports the faculties in issues related to quality assurance in research, teaching and administration.

Directorates of studies: The directorates of studies are responsible for quality assurance in the field of studying and teaching. The Unit for Quality Assurance remains in close contact with the directorates of studies during the preparation and execution of course evaluations. The directorates of studies receive the results of the course evaluations from the Unit for Quality Assurance each semester, the results of the graduation survey annually and the results of graduate tracking every three years. Staff members regularly take part in the meetings of the directorates of studies.

Studienpräses: Close coordination on issues of good academic practice.

Administration and service: The Unit for Quality Assurance carries out customer surveys for some service units at regular intervals. There are specific interfaces and close cooperation with the following units:

The Scientometrics working group consists of members of the Unit for Quality Assurance, the Bibliometrics team, the Research Documentation team, Research Services and Career Development and the Office of the Rectorate and meets on a monthly basis to coordinate and network with regard to rankings, indicators, analyses and joint activities (workshops, events, etc.).

The head of the Unit for Quality Assurance is member of the risk management steering group and the recruiting4u steering group of the University of Vienna.

External Networking

  • There is a development partnership with the company Electric Paper, whose software EvaSys is used for all types of surveys.





Mag. Dr. Michael Hofer

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HR Mag. Dr. Lukas Mitterauer-Koch

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