In accordance with the Rectorate’s guidelines, surveys conducted within the University must be coordinated with the Unit for Quality Assurance. Ideally, they should also be carried out and supervised by this Unit using the professional surveying software EvaSys, which the University of Vienna uses for this purpose. The goal is to conduct most university surveys using the expertise and resources available within the University of Vienna. However, some tasks may be assigned to external service providers in cases where their expertise is needed to guarantee the quality of the process.

Alongside course evaluations and graduate surveys, which are routinely carried out in accordance with the internal quality assurance framework, the Unit for Quality Assurance also carries out a number of other surveys for faculties, centres, service units, central support units, stakeholders and project groups authorised by the Rectorate. These surveys are conducted at regular intervals (e.g. every semester, annually) or on a one-off basis. Surveys are usually prompted by a request for information directed at the Unit for Quality Assurance. As a first step, the Unit examines whether the question can be answered via a quantitative survey in the form of a questionnaire. Then the method and survey design are clarified with the customer before the appropriate tool is developed. For all important information about the services the Unit of Quality Assurance provides for internal university surveys please see the “Surveys Checklist“ on the intranet (Topicals A-Z --> Surveys).

The Unit for Quality Assurance can look back on many long-standing survey collaborations at the University of Vienna. Most surveys are and were in the form of a questionnaire, even if other tools are used for certain surveys depending on methodological demands. Most questionnaire surveys covered the following topic areas:

  • Customer surveys and customer satisfaction surveys about the University’s services

  • Employee and student surveys

  • Course, event and programme evaluations

Examples for surveys carried out on a periodic or one-off basis
  • Survey on behalf of the University of Vienna’s Language Centre, part of the shareholding Innovationszentrum Universität Wien GmbH, for participants of the fee-based language courses (repeated regularly)
  • Survey on behalf of the University of Vienna’s shareholding Career Service UNIPORT GmbH for participants of lectures and seminars offered (repeated regularly)
  • Survey on behalf of the University of Vienna’s Postgraduate Center for students on the approx. 40 continuing education and training programmes (repeated annually)
  • Survey on behalf of the University of Vienna’s International Office for ERASMUS students (incoming, outgoing and placement) and non-EU exchange students (repeated annually)
  • Surveys on behalf of the Vienna University Library and Archive Services for users of the libraries about their habits and how they use services provided by the Main Library and the special libraries (repeated regularly)
  • Survey on behalf of the Research Services and Career Development unit and the Human Resources and Gender Equality unit addressed at students employed in predoc positions at the University of Vienna (every quarter)
  • Survey on behalf of the Accounting and Finance unit for users of the Q-Flow service (once after the introduction of the new workflow)
  • Coordination and process support for the image survey (designed as a comparative study), conducted for the University of Vienna’s 650th anniversary (twice, with external support)
  • Counselling and process support for the assessment on mental workload in the workplace carried out by order of the Rectorate in accordance with legal requirements (repeated every seven years, with external support)


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