The Unit for Quality Assurance supports the University of Vienna in its endeavour to ensure a high level of quality in its teaching and research activities and in its programmes of study. It contributes to the further development of the university quality assurance system and the concomitant quality criteria, methods and instruments. The ongoing endeavour to adhere to international standards promotes a culture of quality and strengthens the University of Vienna's ability to be responsible for and manage its own affairs.



 News & Events

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Im Rahmen des Evaluationsverfahrens führte der Zentrale Informatikdienst zunächst eine Selbstevaluation durch, anschließend fand ein Site-Visit statt....


Im Rahmen des Evaluationsverfahrens führte das Zentrum zunächst eine Selbstevaluation durch, im Dezember 2019 fand ein Site-Visit statt.


Ab dem WS 2020/21 wird die Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation an der Universität Wien nur noch in der Form "Online in Präsenz" bzw. "Online" durchgeführt....

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 Evaluation plan faculties, centers, service units

According to the Rectorate's 2020-2022 evaluation plan, the following organisational units of the University of Vienna are being evaluated:

 Course Evaluation Plan

Winterterm 2020/21

SPL 03: Law
SPL 04: Business, Economics and Statistics
SPL 18: Philosophy
SPL 19: Education
SPL 21: Political Science
SPL 22: Mass Media and Communication Science
SPL 23: Sociology
SPL 24: Social and Cultural Anthropology
SPL 35: Sports Science
SPL 38: Doctoral Studies Programme Law
SPL 39: Doctoral Studies Programme  Business, Economics and Statistics
SPL 40: Doctoral Studies Programme Social Sciences
SPL 43: Doctoral Studies Programme  Philosophy and Education
SPL 49: Teacher Education

Summerterm 2021

SPL 05: Computer Science and Business Informatics
SPL 20: Psychology
SPL 25: Mathematics
SPL 26: Physics
SPL 27: Chemistry
SPL 28: Earth Sciences - Meteorology - Geophysics - Astronomy
SPL 29: Geography
SPL 30: Biology
SPL 31: Molekular Biology

SPL 32: Pharmacy
SPL 33: Nutritional Science
SPL 44: Doctoral Studies Programme Natural and Technical Science
SPL 45: Doctoral Studies Programme Earth Sciences - Meteorology - Geophysics - Astronomy
SPL 46: Doctoral Studies Programme Psychology
SPL 47: Doctoral Studies Programme Life Science

Winterterm 2021/22

SPL 01: Catholic Theology
SPL 02: Protestant Theology
SPL 06: Egyptology - Jewish Studies - Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology
SPL 07: History
SPL 08: History of Art and Architecture - European Ethnology
SPL 09: Antiquity Sciences
SPL 10: German Studies
SPL 11: Romance Studies
SPL 12: English and American Studies
SPL 13: Finno-Ugrian Studies - Dutch Studies - Scandinavian Studies - Comparative Literature
SPL 14: Near Eastern Studies - African Studies - Tibetan Studies and Indology
SPL 15: East Asian Studies
SPL 16: Musicology - Linguistics
SPL 17: Theater, Film and Media Studies
SPL 34: Translation Studies
SPL 36: Doctoral Studies Programme Catholic Theology
SPL 37: Doctoral Studies Programme Protestant Theology
SPL 41: Doctoral Studies Programme Historical and Cultural Studies
SPL 42: Doctoral Studies Programme  Philological and Cultural Studies
SPL 48: Slavonic Studies