Directorates of Studies

Select the desired directorates of studies/SPL for detailed information on course evaluation (questionnaires, implementation, evaluation officers, aggregated results):

SPL  1: Catholic Theology
SPL  2: Protestant Theology
SPL  3: Law
SPL  4: Business, Economics and Statistics
SPL  5: Computer Science and Business Informatics
SPL  6: Egyptology -Jewish Studies - Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology
SPL  7: History
SPL  8: History of Art and Architecture - European Ethnology
SPL  9: Antiquity Sciences
SPL 10: German Studies
SPL 11: Romance Studies
SPL 12: English and American Studies
SPL 13: Finno-Ugrian Studies - Dutch Studies - Scandinavian Studies - Comparative Literature
SPL 14: Near Eastern Studies - African Studies - Tibetan Studies and Indology
SPL 15: East Asian Studies
SPL 16: Musicology - Linguistics
SPL 17: Theater, Film and Media Studies
SPL 18: Philosophy
SPL 19: Education
SPL 20: Psychology
SPL 21: Political Science
SPL 22: Mass Media and Communication Science
SPL 23: Sociology
SPL 24: Social and Cultural Anthropology
SPL 25: Mathematics
SPL 26: Physics
SPL 27: Chemistry
SPL 28: Earth Sciences - Meteorology-Geophysics - Astronomy
SPL 29: Geography
SPL 30 und SPL 31: Biology and Molecular Biology
SPL 32: Pharmacy
SPL 33: Nutritional Sciences
SPL 34: Translation Studies
SPL 35: Sports Science
SPL 36: Doctoral Studies Programme Catholic Theology
SPL 37: Doctoral Studies Programme Protestant Theology
SPL 38: Doctoral Studies Programme Law
SPL 39: Doctoral Studies Programme Business, Economics and Statistics
SPL 40: Doctoral Studies Programme Social Sciences
SPL 41: Doctoral Studies Programme Historical and Cultural Studies
SPL 42: Doctoral Studies Programme Philological and Cultural Studies
SPL 43: Doctoral Studies Programme Philosophy and Education
SPL 44: Doctoral Studies Programme Natural and Technical Sciences
SPL 45: Doctoral Studies Programme Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy
SPL 46: Doctoral Studies Programme Psychology
SPL 47: Doctoral Studies Programme Life Sciences
SPL 48: Slavonic Studies
SPL 49: Teacher Education
Center for Doctoral Studies


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